All images on this site were made by the participants of the the Day of the Dead Workshop in Oaxaca, Mexico this past year. The workshop is an intensive eight-day class taught by David Alan Harvey and produced by Marie Arago and Michael Courvosier.

David Alan Harvey is a member of Magnum Photos and has had over forty stories published in National Geographic Magazine. Two of Harvey’s books, “Cuba” and “Divided Soul”, were based on his extensive work of the Spanish cultural migration into the Americas. His latest book “Living Proof” documents David’s journey into the world of hip-hop culture. Harvey’s next book project is “Off For A Family Drive” from his self-initiated cross-country exploration of American families.

David first visited Oaxaca while working on a National Geographic story “Song of Oaxaca”. Much of the work from this story was part of the portfolio that allowed him to become a Magnum nominee. David joined Magnum Photos in 1993. In the winter of 2008, David launched Burn Magazine as a new online photographic journal for emerging photographers. In his effort to lend support for young photographers and as part of his ongoing mentoring philosophy, he has raised independent financing to offer a $10,000 grant in 2009 from his Emerging Photographer Fund, a non-profit wing of the Magnum Cultural Foundation.

Marie Arago and Michael Courvosier have worked as a team with David on various projects. Courvosier is a documentary photographer who works with David in New York and is hired as a printing consultant all over the world. Arago is a freelance photgrapher currently based in Miami who has years of experience with workshops, both as a producer and a participant.

A shared passion for Oaxaca and a mutual love of the Day of the Dead inspired David, Marie and Michael to create this workshop.

This website was kindly donated by Jayson Singe of Neon Sky.